Interview with Giles Hurley, CEO Aldi

Interview with Giles Hurley, CEO Aldi

Keeping brands simple and profitable

After reading The simplicity index created by Siegel+Gale which outlined the top ranking brands who have consistently delivered on their brands promise and who delivered a simple, clear and intuitive brand experience.

ALDI was named one of the brands and so we wanted to catch up with Mr Hurley the CEO to hear in his words Aldi’s strategy and brand positioning plans for the future continue to deliver such a great brand experience.

With companies leaving an estimated $98 billion dollars on the table due to failing to harness the power of a simple brand essence and message.

“ ALDI is a simply structured business. The  stores are similar, and products are almost  always found in the same place.”
Female, 47, Germany



  • Podcast interview with Mr Hurley will be on:
  • Date: 01st August 2019
  • Time: 8.00am UK time
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